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Așa arată horoscopul lunii noiembrie pentru fiecare zodie în parte. Berbec Peștii au parte de multă dragoste în luna noiembrie.

It is ideal for both of you to cuddle down together, to read a nice book perhaps.

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Or simply talk to each other. When was the last time you simply spoke to one another about intimate things? Try to talk about your hopes and your dreams. Do not make the conversation boring, asking each other rote routine questions. Today is your day to glow with happiness. Your partner might suggest that you go out on a romantic walk together.

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  6. Agree, and do so with enthusiasm. A romantic ramble can lead to a lot of things. If you have been secretly thinking that the passion is gone from your relationship, this might be the answer to your worries. So go along with any plan your partner may suggest. It would only make you both want each other more. I am noticibke taurus and this article has helped me and my friend bond even thiugh we r not dating we have gotten closer we did just have a fight as well.

    Gemini - Leo Love Horoscope & Compatibility

    Im a leo woman dating a tarus man and i must say that the passion between us is unreal!!! The way he kisses and touches me I makes me shiver inside and melt. I can get lost in his eyes forever. I swear this is me and my Leo!


    We are literally having the same issues you are…. So true since day 1 chemistry, love, loyalness and passion. Nothing better then a Leo and Taurus. I have just started dating a tarus male im a leo female. My eyes to how he behaves. But now I know why maybe I need to be more patient lol x. All supposed to be my best matches…None of these were healthy relationships. My latest is a Leo and this seems to be far and away my best relationship to date.

    It does not go unnoticed that my father is a Leo…hmmm…just an observation. We literally love each other one day and hate each other the next. Though she wants to get married I have major reservations. This article was insightful. I was with one Taurus, biggest waste of time.

    Let alone he had a huge problem with drinking and keeping his flame going.

    Good lord what a waste. What love my lady Taurus female …. I mean …extremely…. We enjoy… Not sad ppl ….

    Leo Taurus Love Compatibility

    When we make moves we make moves that benefit everybody , u should feel blessed to have a!!! So I make for an interesting woman lol. I work evening shift and he works day shift so we never really see each other anymore. We fight just about every week. For 4 weeks it rained and we stayed fighting.

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    Is it me? Can anyone tell me if I should move on or do something different? She always smile and says my name when she sees me and I blush when she does. I always fantasize about pulling her into my arms and giving her a long kiss if I ever go on a date with her. We had a FWB type relationship about 2 years ago, which I ended because he was asking to meet too often. He lives an hour away, in the city I work in. He didnt take no for an answer one too many times and that was that.

    Messaging consistently, but sporadically.

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    I finally gave in. Started talking to him again and spent the night at his place the other day. Which, of course, ended up with us in bed.. He gave me such pleasure….

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    Lasted for hours. Both times…. Your email address will not be published. Compatibility Calculator. How Compatible Are You? Your Details are Never shared. Your Astromatcha Score. Taurus July 22, Hey this sounds like my situation… so did yall break up again?